Welcome to our New Active School Year



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It has been proven that Active Children are better learners, so physical activity is a win-win situation for teachers and pupils.

                                      Active children enjoy school more;

                                      Active children concentrate and learn better;

                                     Active children achieve higher test results;

                                    Active children present fewer discipline problems.

The whole school is involved in this process, challenging us in KOTG to ‘think outside the box‘ and change from the mindset that physical activity only takes place during PE time, to that of physical activity taking place throughout the whole day.

FACT:  All children need 60 minutes of physical activity everyday.


In KOTG we find ways to do this while, encouraging less active children to enjoy physical activity so it becomes just an enjoyable, normal part of every day


Our newly elected Active Schools Flag committee had their first meeting where we discussed the role of the committee in encouraging and highlighting new activities and how the committee would be leading the way for this. Our committee will meet at least once a month. Meet the new committee on our Partnership Page.


We held a competition for a new Active Slogan. All classes from Junior Infants to 6th sent in amazing work for the competition. The Committee had a very difficult choice to make, as there were so many entries. Lots of our entries can be seen around the school. Thanks to everyone for all your enthusiasm.

Take a look at our new Active Slogan

Well done Penny Guthrie on creating such a clever and fun slogan!



Our Active Co-ordinators attended the first of the Active Schools Flag ‘Find Out More’ workshops in Blackrock Education Centre

This was of great benefit guiding us towards renewing our Active Flag. We listened to another co-ordinator from a different school telling us about how they achieved their Active Schools flag

We received new ASF Information Booklet, a copy of which is displayed in our Active Resource Library for all staff to see.


In October there was also a second ASF ‘Getting Started’ workshop held for co-ordinators. At this was discussed our Active School Blog, priority PE Strand and active playgrounds.

It was fantastic to get new ASF badges and playground leader vests.

 Information from the Active Schools flag ‘Getting Started’ meetings was shared with staff. Class teachers are committed to working together to improve and develop our PE curriculum. In the immediate future they will choose a PE strand area to prioritise for development. They will share ideas and resources at further meetings.


At our latest committee meeting a rota was drawn up showing the list the duties for members. Working in pairs, the duties for the Active Committee members will change every 2 months, giving everyone a chance to do all duties, eg. being in charge of the P.E. equipment indoors and outdoors, making active announcements at assembly, being playground leaders, leading Fun Fit Fridays, Updating Active Notice Board, collecting and collating WOW and COW information. Every classroom has a list of the Active Duties as well as a copy being kept on our Notice board.

At assembly today ,students and staff were reminded to ‘do their talking while they are walking’ instead of sitting or standing still while chatting.


Take a Look at our PE Storeroom

The committee and co-ordinators have done a wonderful job tidying and cataloging and labelling all our PE equipment. We are very fortunate to have such an array of equipment and we aim to use every piece of it.

We have put up a New temporary Active Flag Notice board as our other board is just too small for all our information. It is outside the main hall doors. Sneak a peek when you are passing as it will constantly be changing.

Thanks to Gordon we now have a new Active Resource Library where staff can access and share information. We also received copies of the PDST Move Well, Move Often resource books which now have pride of place in our library.


Now that the Christmas holidays are here, you will have lots of time to be active, cleaning, cooking, decorating, playing with your family and friends, going for long walks. Don’t forget to do your talking while you’re walking.

Wishing everyone a happy healthy and active Christmas


We have taken delivery of a New Active Notice Board in place of the temporary one we were using.  Make sure to have a look at the new layout on both our Boards !!

 Every Wednesday 2 Active Agents carry out a survey of each class to see what percentage of children in our school travel to school by Walking or Cycling to School.

You can see the results of this survey on or WOW and COW charts on our New Notice Boards.

In March the Active Co-ordinators attended the final ASF ‘Nearly There’ workshop.

At this workshop we discussed the screening process for our application and the how to prepare for our accreditation visit. We were also given an Active School Walkway resource pack. The plaques will help mark a walking/running track around the school. There are 4 distance/active zone markers and 10 route markers. These can also be used for orienteering, maths trails etc.

Childrens Club Survey

Please click into the attached link and complete the Club Survey with your teacher. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TD86NMP

Pupil Questionnaire

Please click into the attached link and complete the Pupil Questionnaire with your teacher: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R5GQX2G

Happy Easter Everyone

Easter is a great time to be active, Make sure to to on an Easter egg hunt. Waddle like an Easter chick or hop like the Easter Bunny. Whatever activity you’re doing HAVE FUN!!!

Image result for images Easter bunny hopping
Image result for cartoon image easter egg hunt

Summer Term

The Summer and final term of the school year has started. It is going to be an extremely busy term activitywise.

We will be able to take more of our PE classes outside and use the tennis courts in Meadowvale. We will also be able to use the football pitches in Clonkeen Park.

Thank to our amazing parents on the gardening committee we will continue to attend to our garden and watch our fruit and vegetables grow.

We have new Walkway plaques around the perimeter of our school which can be used for orienteering, maths trails etc.

We will also be starting our Athletics strand and training will begin in Clonkeen Park for some of the children will be going to Santry.

Lots of Active School Trips are coming up and our garden will open at the beginning of June which will give us extra space for playing.

We will also be starting our Tour of Europe which is our chosen walking/running initiative.

Finally we will hold our ACTIVE WEEK from 10th June – 14th June.


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