Swim for a mile challenge 

Some of the children from 3rd- 6th class too on the Swim for a mile challenge as part of Active Week. This was the equivalent of 64 lengths in the swimming pool. There were also 3 teachers who took part! 

Well done to everyone who took part! What an achievement! 🏊🏻

The beginning of Active Week

We started Active Week today with great excitement. We have created a timetable which makes sure we have lots of exciting activities happening each day. Today we completed our mile with a smile challenge. Each class was able to walk a mile in the lovely sunshine, and with a smile of course!

Some classes managed to get out to the field and play some football and rounders. It was a great way to practice working as a team. 

We can’t wait to see what else Active Week brings. Stay tuned for more updates this week. 

-The Active Committee