Leinster Schoolboys Hockey FInal

IMG_0088 IMG_0083_2 IMG_0079_2 IMG_0075_2 IMG_0074_2 IMG_0073_2 IMG_0067_2 IMG_0068_2 IMG_0069_2 IMG_0070_2 IMG_0071_2 IMG_0072_2 IMG_0066_2 IMG_0065_2 IMG_0062_2 IMG_0056_2 IMG_0053_2 IMG_0052_2 IMG_0046_2 IMG_0047_2 IMG_0048_2 IMG_0049_2 IMG_0050_2 IMG_0051_2 IMG_0045_2 IMG_0043_2 IMG_0041_2 IMG_0036_2 IMG_0032_2 IMG_0026_2 IMG_0014_2 IMG_0015_2 IMG_0018_2 IMG_0019_2 IMG_0023_2 IMG_0024_2 IMG_0013_2 IMG_0011_2 IMG_0009_2 IMG_0006_2 IMG_0003_25th and 6th Class Boys had a terrific hockey season this year, with captains Daniel Wann (5th) and Marcus Tidey (6th) leading their teams into the Leinster Schoolboys Under 12 and Under 13 Cup Final.

Both teams played terrifically against Taney, who arrived with some very strong players, the level of skill shown was of such a high standard and all players worked the ball up and down the pitch together as a team.

The final result showed 6th class narrowly miss out on a cup win with a 2-1 loss, they graciously accepted defeat and Marcus gave an excellent speech thanking all involved. 5th Class successfully scored a number of times through great team work and attacking formations, with the final score being 4-1 in our favour.

Great sportsmanship was shown all round and the boys are an absolute credit to our school.

Thank you to all the hockey coaches, in particular Elaine Wann and Sarah Horsefield, they couldn’t have done it without you 🙂