Santry and the Swimming Gala

In May we had two major successes in sport: the Swimming Gala and Santry.

The Swimming Gala went swimmingly well with lots of people doing very well. We had two Galas: the Senior Gala and the Junior Gala. Here are some of our winners:

And finally Alannah Bewley in 6th who also raced against Sophie shepherd and Abigail McPherson for the homes trophy and won:

Now onto santry: we had 3 gold sprinter medal winners:

We had 2 gold medal teams they were U10 girls:

And U11 girls:

We also had a second place team which was U14 girls:

U10 boys came in 4th place:

And U14 boys came 4th as well:

Well done to everyone that competed, it was an amazing day:

By Alannah Bewley and Henry Fletcher 6th