Fun Fit Friday and Seachtain na Gaeilge

In the past few weeks the Active Committee have been very active organising Fun Fit Friday. The activities vary each week but they are usually hula hooping, bean bag throwing and using the parachute. But the most fun of all is, drop everything and dance. This is when a teacher plays music and all the school drops everything and dances. The dances include ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘The Macarena’. Everyone has a wonderful time and let’s go of everything and dances. Sometimes we do it in class to GoNoodle. We normally get lots of people asking when can we do it again. Also on the Friday before St Patrick’s day all of the classes paired up and we danced in the cèilí. This was lots of fun and everyone enjoyed it!!

The Active Committee are getting ready for Active Week and we have exciting activities planned.

By Alannah and Henry in 6th class.