🏃🏽 November Update 🏃🏽

We have had a very active start to the year in school. One new idea was to make the most of the fantastic sports equipment available in our school during lunch time. We have started to play with skipping ropes, balls and the markings on the ground. We have a new game called four square which has been introduced in the junior and senior yard. It is great fun and very inclusive. 

We also have a new idea to make sure that everyone in our school is being active at break time. It is called “do your talking, while you’re walking!”. This will hopefully ensure that we get moving and are ready for work when the bell rings. Look how active we are! 

Classes are having “wake and shake” time in the mornings before we get down to work. This helps us wake up and have better concentration for the morning. 

Well done everyone. Keep up the fantastic effort! 🏃🏽