We got the Active Flag

Today our active committee went around to ever class to spread the good news…. WE GOT THE ACTIVE FLAG!!! It is a huge achievement for the school and so well deserved. Well done to everyone for all of your sporting activities. Remember we are electing a new committee for next year so please have your applications in by next Tuesday.

Our Active Committee with the flag 🙂

Flying the Flag for Active Schools!

Drum roll please!!!!!

It is with great excitement that we announce that Kill O’ The Grange has been awarded the Active Schools Flag!

A huge well done to the Active committee and to everyone for getting involved and keeping active.

Watch this space for updates about the raising of our flag and remember…. don’t sit, be for!

New committee calling!!

Now that it is November it is time to elect a new Active Flag Committee! Many thanks to last year’s committee for all their hard work and dedication. We are still patiently waiting to hear back from Jimmy O’Neill with our Active Flag report….fingers crossed it’s good news!

We will be taking applications for our new committee in the next couple of weeks so start getting your ideas together. A committee member will visit your class with application forms soon so watch out!

‘Don’t sit, be fit!’