Active Updates!

Check out our revamped Active Flag notice board which includes photographs of highlights from last year.

Money raised from the Bags To School has been put towards new P.E. equipment. We now have new basketball nets, badminton nets and rackets, sponge balls, hurdles and throw down corners. We are very excited to get our hands on these!

Welcome to our three new committee members: Anita, Keelin and Patrick. It’s great to have you aboard!

GAA with Darren has started again beginning with 3rd and 4th classes. Stephen from Leinster Rugby is also with us taking 3rd to 6th classes. We’ve been very lucky with the weather and have been enjoyed lots of games outside.

Next Tuesday we will be joined by our Active Flag accreditor for our Active Flag inspection. We are looking forward to showing him just how active we are here in Kill O’ The Grange!

Our Active Committee

Last year we waved goodbye to Max Schmidt and Isobel McCann. Replacing them on our committee are Keelin and Patrick from 2nd Class. Anita Knight has also joined as a staff representative.

Leah Gallagher – Staff representaive

Elizabeth Breen – Staff representaive

Cillian Gavin – Staff representaive

Anita Knight – Staff representaive

Ali Guy – Parents representative

Eoin Cooney – 6th Class

Pippa Guy – 6th Class

Sophie Gorman – 5th Class

Liam Young – 4th Class

Zoe Garvey – 3rd Class

Keelin O’ Carroll – 2nd Class

Patrick Walker – 2nd Class

In November we will holding elections for the new committee to bring us through to November 2015.