Santry and the Swimming Gala

In May we had two major successes in sport: the Swimming Gala and Santry.

The Swimming Gala went swimmingly well with lots of people doing very well. We had two Galas: the Senior Gala and the Junior Gala. Here are some of our winners:

And finally Alannah Bewley in 6th who also raced against Sophie shepherd and Abigail McPherson for the homes trophy and won:

Now onto santry: we had 3 gold sprinter medal winners:

We had 2 gold medal teams they were U10 girls:

And U11 girls:

We also had a second place team which was U14 girls:

U10 boys came in 4th place:

And U14 boys came 4th as well:

Well done to everyone that competed, it was an amazing day:

By Alannah Bewley and Henry Fletcher 6th

Fun Fit Friday and Seachtain na Gaeilge

In the past few weeks the Active Committee have been very active organising Fun Fit Friday. The activities vary each week but they are usually hula hooping, bean bag throwing and using the parachute. But the most fun of all is, drop everything and dance. This is when a teacher plays music and all the school drops everything and dances. The dances include ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘The Macarena’. Everyone has a wonderful time and let’s go of everything and dances. Sometimes we do it in class to GoNoodle. We normally get lots of people asking when can we do it again. Also on the Friday before St Patrick’s day all of the classes paired up and we danced in the cèilí. This was lots of fun and everyone enjoyed it!!

The Active Committee are getting ready for Active Week and we have exciting activities planned.

By Alannah and Henry in 6th class.

Walk the world

We are starting our walk the world challenge next week. We will be walking a few laps of the yard after break time. Our steps will be tracked and our distance will be calculated. We can’t wait to see how far we can walk! Our fantastic staff members, Ann and Michelle inspired us to give it our best shot buy presenting our tracking sheets in an exciting way! Stay tuned to see our progress!

Fun Fit Friday update

We are continuing with our new initiative at break time. It is great to see how we are all trying the new activities and having so much fun. We are very active in the yard!

The junior yard has a new parachute to try out. We can play lots of games with the active Committee team. We can’t wait to see what new activities we will try after Christmas. 🎄

November Sportsperson of the Month

Samuel Balfe from 2nd class is the Junior Sportsperson of the Month for November! He always tries his best when playing sport and looks out for his peers. He has a super attitude to all active activities! Well done to Samuel and all the other nominees from the junior classes.  
TJ Richard-Smyrk from 3rd class is the Senior Sportsperson of the Month. TJ is a great team player and includes everyone in all games. He always tries very hard and encourages other players. Well done to the other nominees from the senior classes and congratulations to TJ! 



Today we had our first Fun Fit Friday! It took place at big break.   
The idea is that we have 4 different activities every Friday using lots of fun equipment for the children to play with. Each activity is manned by the Active Committee members to make sure that everyone has a go and is playing fairly and safely.

The four activities we have on for October are French skipping, hula hoops, sticks and ball and socket. 

Today was a real success! Everyone said it was really we’ll run, there were lots of people wanting to play each of the activities and even the adults got involved!

We’re looking forward to next week already!

Rhys and Lily

What a year! 

The active committee is heading into their last week of duties and we are so impressed with how they have worked as a team, and shown leadership in our school. They have put several initiatives into place and the school has never been more active! Well done to a great team. 

In assembly today, all of the children who were nominated for sports person of the month this year were congratulated. They received a certificate and a huge round of applause. 

Our winners this year were the following….


Sports person of the month was Tom Bean. 


Junior sports person of the month was Oliver Cantrell. 

Senior sports person of the month was Tom Maguire. 


Junior sports person of the month was James Fry. 

Senior sports person of the month was Lauren Connolly. 


Junior sports person of the month was Luke Dolly. 

Senior sports person of the month was Emma Lande. 


Junior sports person of the month was Elliot Ryan. 

Senior sports person of the month was Luke Weir


Junior sports person of the month was Emily Groves. 

Senior sports person of the month was Alex Hanrahan. 

Well done to all the winners. Happy Summer everyone! 

Remember: Don’t sit, be fit! 🏃🏽

What a day! 

Each year children from third-sixth class take part in the Santry Athletics competition. This consists of relay and sprint races. We do a lot of training prior to the competition and receive excellent coaching from Ms Cobbe. 

We usually are so proud to come home with one or two medals from Santry. This year we surpassed ourselves with 3 medals out of the 8 sprint events. Then it just got better with 7 lots of medals out of 8 relay events including 3 teams of gold. We think we will have to buy a new cabinet just to include today’s cups and medals. An outstanding thank you to Rachel Cobbe- Junior infant teacher (and Anita) for their coaching. What a result. 

The results are as follows; 

under 10 girls Hanna – silver,

under 11 boys Alex, silver, 

under 12 boys – Aaron – bronze 

Under 10 girls relay – silver 

Under 10 boys relay – bronze 

Under 11 girls relay – gold 

Under 11 boys relay – gold 

Under 12 boys relay – silver 

Under 14 boys relay – 4th place 

Under 14 girls relay – Gold 

Well done to everyone who took part. We are all so proud! 

Swim for a mile challenge 

Some of the children from 3rd- 6th class too on the Swim for a mile challenge as part of Active Week. This was the equivalent of 64 lengths in the swimming pool. There were also 3 teachers who took part! 

Well done to everyone who took part! What an achievement! 🏊🏻

The beginning of Active Week

We started Active Week today with great excitement. We have created a timetable which makes sure we have lots of exciting activities happening each day. Today we completed our mile with a smile challenge. Each class was able to walk a mile in the lovely sunshine, and with a smile of course!

Some classes managed to get out to the field and play some football and rounders. It was a great way to practice working as a team. 

We can’t wait to see what else Active Week brings. Stay tuned for more updates this week. 

-The Active Committee