5th Class Hockey Update 

We won some; We lost some…but, you’ll never forget the day we played you! 

Kill O’ the Grange 5th class boys played two hockey League matches this week in our home ground. On Wednesday the 15th February we played our second match against Rathfarnham having beaten them 3:0 on the 28th of November. The weather was glorious, compared to the 8th February when we played Andrews in their home ground in temperatures touching 00C, leaving us cold, miserable and beaten by Andrews 3:0. However, we picked ourselves back up and beat Rathfarnham 7:1. A great team effort with a great result!

On the 15th December we played Taney in Three Rock, loosing 3:1. Without a doubt it was a tough match and we knew what was ahead of us. We tipped off at 17:00, and stood our ground. Taney had the lead at the beginning, Edward Bell scored before half time. We knew our opponents were strong; but, we kept the pressure on them throughout the match. Taney were camped in our half for the majority of the match and found scoring easier than we did. Nevertheless, our strong defenders fought hard to prevent them achieving a higher score. We defended very well and could have been a lot more behind than the 3:1 final score when the final whistle blew. Despite the relentless pressure from Taney, the team represented the school with pride.

 Sincere thanks to our Coach Rob who is incredibly proud of his boys and an inspiration to us, and Lucy and Rosie who provide goal keeping coaching. Thanks to all our supporters, the mums, dads, grandparents and other family members who cheer us on from the sidelines in all weather conditions. Thanks to Tal and Diane for all the co-ordination work regarding the matches. We couldn’t have done it without you all! We also thank our oppositions for the hard fought matches and not to forget the refs for their fairness in each of the matches we played. We loved every minute of every game.

Team: Robbie Duffy (Goal Keeper), Edward Bell, Alex Hanrahan, Sam Kennedy, Tadhg Clarke, Oz Klug, Rory McPherson, Oscar Legge, Aaron Ross, Luke Weir and Oliver Morris.





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